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Introduction To The Characteristics And Uses Of Kh-1706 Vinyl Silane


Product characteristics:

KH-1706 vinyl silane is a vinyl silane used for crosslinking vinyl and acrylic latex. It can be used for crosslinking vinyl, building coatings, and pharmaceutical intermediates. The silane is easily copolymerized into the main chain of vinyl and acrylic latex. Hard and highly cross-linked coatings can be obtained after curing using a formula containing recommended catalysts. The unique structure of the silane makes it very stable in the water-based system and does not react or cross-link before the coating is condensed. The formulation of water-based coatings containing KH-1706 vinyl silane remains stable and effective after one year's aging.


Copolymerization of acrylic acid and vinyl emulsion with KH -1706vinyl silane can provide a new choice in the preparation of formaldehyde-free and single-component water-based coatings. This emulsion can be applied to:
1. Wood Coatings for Kitchen Cabinet, Industry and Advanced Furniture
2. Metal coatings for furniture, fixtures, machines, and equipment
3. High-Performance Architectural Coatings
4. Coatings for Plastics

Main advantages:

Adding 5%-10% KH -1706 vinyl silane to the main chain of emulsion resin can significantly improve the properties of cured coatings.
1. Solvent resistance, water-resistance, and scratch resistance
2. Adhesiveness and Scrubbing Resistance of Pigments
3. Adhesion of wet and dry state
4. Coating Hardness and Tensile Strength