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Silane coupling agent CFS-765, (N-Phenylamino)methyltriethoxysilane (Cas 3473-76-5) is used for the bonding of RTV silicone rubber and other materials, and as the adhesive for phenolic, epoxy, nylon, melamine resins.

Silane coupling agent CFS-765, (N-Phenylamino)methyltriethoxysilane (Cas 3473-76-5) is also used as a reinforcing agent, curing agent and surface treatment agent for resins containing inorganic fillers. It is widely used in electronic glue, silica gel, abrasive tools, paper products and other industries, and greatly improves water resistance and weather resistance.

Silane coupling agent CFS-765, (N-Phenylamino)methyltriethoxysilane (Cas 3473-76-5) can be used to make room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and most metals (aluminum, copper, silver, iron, etc.), glass, ceramics, cement, plastics (phenolic, epoxy, silicone, plexiglass, ABS plastic, unsaturated polymer ester, polystyrene) are bonded.