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Methyl silicone oil is the earliest commercially available silicone polymer. Because of its excellent anti-oxidation, anti-shear, low surface tension, water repellency, defoaming and other properties, it is widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as electrical, machinery, coatings, and medicine.

In the production process of methyl silicone oil, the catalyst decomposes to produce gas with a pungent odor. These gases are partially miscible in the system, making silicone oil have a peculiar smell and restricted application. Therefore, the odor should be eliminated during the production process of methyl silicone oil.

The production process of methyl silicone oil is carried out in a reactor. The whole production process includes the copolymerization reaction process, the low-breakage boiling process, the heat preservation process, and the finished product cooling process. All methods produce low-boiling gas. After condensation through the condenser (circulating water required, the condensation temperature is average), the non-condensable gas is led to the activated carbon absorption device for the treatment. And then discharged at a high altitude through a 15m exhaust cylinder.

Methyl silicone oils of different viscosities will be mixed. Since low-viscosity silicone oil has a lower flash point, the flashpoint of the blended methyl silicone oil may be reduced. The chemical properties of methyl silicone oil are relatively stable. Still, when it comes in contact with strong acids, strong alkalis or metallic aluminum, tin at high temperatures, the viscosity will change, and it is used in different industries.

Ⅰ. The application of dimethyl silicone fluid in the textile industry

Due to its non-toxic, harmless thermal stability and low viscosity-temperature coefficient, methyl silicone oil is widely used to produce silk, leather, chiffon, nylon and cotton materials, and other clothing materials.

1. In the textile and clothing field: dimethyl silicone fluid is used as softening agent, water repellent, the hand feels improver, chemical fiber spinneret lubrication, clothing pressure lining auxiliary defoaming agent, etc.

2. In the leather and chemical industry: dimethyl silicone fluid is used as softening agent, waterproofing agent, hand-feeling agent, defoaming agent, brightening agent, etc.

3. As sewing thread oil: prevent thread breakage, make sewing thread have good lubricity, antistatic property, friction resistance, and smoothness.

Ⅱ. The application of methyl silicone oil in the electromechanical industry

Dimethyl silicone fluid is a transparent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic oily liquid. It has a high flash point, low freezing point, good thermal stability, and high and low-temperature resistance. It is widely used as the material of insulation, lubrication, anti-vibration, anti-dust oil, dielectric fluid, and heat carrier.

1. The characteristics of temperature resistance, arc corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, dust resistance, insulation: dimethyl silicone fluid is used to impregnate transformers of motors, electrical appliances, electronic instruments, transformers, capacitors, and TV scanning.

2. The characteristics of anti-vibration and damping: dimethyl silicone fluid can stabilize meter readings in various precision machinery, instruments, and meters.

3. The characteristics of vibration absorption: dimethyl silicone fluid is mainly used in occasions with strong mechanical vibration and significant environmental temperature changes, such as the instruments used in airplanes and automobiles.

4. Liquid springs are used in the landing gear of airplanes.