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Methyl silicone oil, as a release agent, anti adhesion agent and smoothing agent, has a long application history in many aspects, such as processing and molding of rubber and plastic products, metal casting, glass products processing, papermaking and paper products processing, fiber production technology and processing, etc. Its application scope and dosage are still expanding.

The commonly used viscosity (25 ℃) grade is 0.1 ~ 100Pa • s, and the high viscosity has good demoulding, viscosity resistance and smoothness; For coating with low viscosity and good surface affinity, methyl silicone oil of 0.1 ~ 30Pa • s which can combine these two properties is generally selected. In addition to being used directly, it can also be configured as solution, emulsion, aerosol and grease.

Methyl silicone oil is widely used as oiling agent for fiber precursor and raw cotton, spinning oiling agent and smoothing agent for sewing thread. The oiling agent for raw silk and cotton is methyl silicone oil with low viscosity. The smoothing agent for sewing thread is methyl silicone oil with medium and high viscosity.

By using the thermal stability and low viscosity-temperature coefficient of methyl silicone oils, together with an anti-static agent, emulsifier, and other oil agents, the spinning oil is used in the spinning process of nylon and polyester to prevent the breakage and looseness of very fine monofilament bundle caused by electrification when it is ejected from the spinneret and during rapid winding. During melt spinning, the nozzle shall also be demoulded with methyl silicone oils to prevent wire breakage caused by carbide or melt adhesion.

1. Methyl silicone oils are used as electrical insulating oils

Methyl silicone oil has very good electrical insulation, heat resistance, temperature stability, cooling capacity and permeability, and has good compatibility with other insulating materials. Therefore, it is widely used as insulating oil for vehicle transformers, power transformers, other special-purpose transformers, capacitors, cables, etc. It can reduce the volume, increase the power, improve the service life and reliability of these electromechanical equipment. Methyl silicone oils with viscosity (25 ℃) of 10-1000mpa • s are mainly used in this regard.

2. Methyl silicone oils are used as damping oils

Methyl silicone oil is widely used as damping oil in machine manufacturing, instrument and instrument industries because of its viscosity temperature performance, wide viscosity range, thermal stability and high compressibility.

3. Methyl silicone oils are used as additives for coatings, plastics and other materials

With the unique surface properties of methyl silicone oil and a very small amount added to coatings and inks, it can prevent uneven color, improve extensibility, make the surface of the film uniform, increase brightness and smoothness.

High viscosity methyl silicone oil can also be used as defoamer for coatings. However, improper use method and dosage will produce the opposite effect. The coating with silicone oil is not miscible with other coatings and should not be mixed with each other. The addition amount of silicone oil is generally controlled between 0.01% ~ 0.5%.

Adding methyl silicone oils into thermoplastic resin gives new characteristics to plastics. The fluidity of resin and the surface lubricity and wear resistance of products are improved by improving the demoulding property of plastic (internal demoulding agent) and the dispersion of inorganic filler in resin. POM, PA, hips, ABS and other resins added with methyl silicone oil have been widely used to make wear-resistant and lubricated plastic parts, such as gears of OA equipment.

Dimethyl silicone oil can be used as an additive for many other materials, such as a brightener for paints. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the paint can prevent the paint from floating and wrinkling, and improve the brightness of the paint film. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the ink can improve the printing quality. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the polishing oil (such as automobile polishing oil) can increase the brightness, protect the paint film and have excellent waterproof effect.